Sport can give us a lot of fun, excitement and satisfaction. It can help us feel great.


Unfortunately, there are times when sport can become something that gives us nerves, stress, anxiety, worry, bad sleep, an upset stomach and other unpleasant experiences. Sometimes we can lose confidence and become scared. We can lose our cool, get frustrated or angry, which leads us to under perform, feel embarrassed or become self-critical. At other times we can be confused about why others, such as teammates, seem to go against us or treat us in unhelpful ways, When playing sport, we can develop injuries or have other setbacks, which can be difficult to accept and respond well to. 


As a Sports Psychologist who works with children, these are some of the things that I address with children and juniors who do sport. If I work with you, I want you to become Super - a super version of you. You with more highly developed skills.

  • Being more confident, more of the time

  • Believing in and backing yourself more

  • Being less cautious, holding back less

  • Feeling less stress, nerves or anxiety 

  • Better managing anger and frustrations

  • Better managing setbacks and upsets

  • Getting more from yourself and from others

  • With challenges becoming less challenging.

  • Facing up to situations and handling things more easily.

  • Feeling super

Imagine how different things will be for you, when this happens.