Guiding your child through sport, isn't always easy


Guiding your child or children through their sporting endeavours can be difficult at times. This might be because they are getting overly anxious or stressed than expected or that seems to be good for them. Alternatively it may be that anger or upset is getting in the way of their sports performance, or their wellbeing. 


After working as a Sports Psychologist with children to help them with their sports performance or enjoyment (and less distress) for over 10 years, I have decided to create this website to explain my Sports Psychology work with children and to show what kind of help is possible. Whether you get in touch to book an appointment, or not, I hope that you find this website helpful.


If you are interested in my other Sports Psychology website, not focused on juniors, you can visit it at

Become super

My goal is to assess and improve your child's abilities to face challenges. This can mean becoming more confident, managing emotions such as anxiety, stress, frustration or anger, and more... Read more about becoming Super or the types of Solutions I offer.

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Why work with me? I have the skills, knowledge and experience of helping children to feel better about themselves, to self-manage better and to improve their performance. Read more about me here.or go to the contact page.

Help is available in person in East Dulwich or the City of London, by Skype or phone. So wherever you are, I'm accessible. If you have a question or want go book an appointment, go to the contact page.

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